Welcome to West Ridge Traders!

We pawn, buy, sell & trade items of value with an emphasis on all things Gold & Silver,
Retro & Current gen gaming, and Tools. The whole store is fully shoppable, we are not just a
buying center like other places.

We Speak Spanish/Hablamos Espanol!

Sí, algunos miembros del personal hablan Español. Siéntase libre de llamar con
anticipación para verificar si un miembro de habla hispana Español presente.


Fine Jewelry bought, sold, and traded. Layaway & Financing is available through Acima. Buy today, pay later.

Bullion / Coins

Bullion & Coins in store and available by special order



Rare games available!



DeWalt, Milwaukee, Snap On & Mac are our preferred brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Pawn?

A loan backed by something held as collateral. You can get your item(s) back for the amount borrowed plus interest, or keep the money and we keep the collateral.

What Do I Need For A Loan?
  • State ID: Non-Expired Drivers License, Passport…
  • Collateral: An item of value we agree to accept and hold against your loan. Gold & Silver are golden here, other items we may or may not be interested in.
How Much Money Is My Collateral Good For?
  • On Precious Metals & Jewelry: About half of the melt value, value may be added for diamonds of value, smaller, low grade diamonds are worth gold weight.
  • On Other Categories: About one third of the market value.
Why Isn’t my Collateral Worth Its Full Value?

On a pawn, assuming there was the full 4 months of interest on it, we need you to have incentive to pick up your items. Meaning that after 4 months, your item needs to end up costing less than market value to help ensure that it is picked up. Our money is obligated to be tied up for up to 4 months by NYS law, no exceptions. Even when buying outright for the purpose of reselling, we don’t pay what we’d sell it for, because we need to make money

How Long Do I Have?

4 Months. If within the 4 month window, no money is due until you pick up your pawn. If you need more time, you can pay off the full 4 months interest, and extend it another 4 months.

How Much Is The Interest?

The more you borrow & the longer you take to pay the loan back, the more the interest will be. It is a fixed, monthly finance fee on the loan, it does not compound.